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Dining Experience
Dining Experience

foodRelax and indulge at Jony’s own Maya's Filipino and Mexican Cuisine.  Set in modern Filipino Al Fresco dining, Mayas boasts of a tantalizing array of mouthwatering dishes perfect with rice and flattened Mexican floured breads.

Each dish is touched by Chef Jun’s expression of sophistication blended into old-aged Mexican and Filipino traditions, such as Tacos Baja – a Californian-inspired floured taco filled with beer-battered mahi-mahi and Chipotle aioli creamed Mexican slaw, Grilled Chicken Quesadilla enhanced with roasted tomatoes, Roast Suckling Pig Asado Burrito – a marriage of Filipino and Mexican ingredients composed of semi-sweetened lechon, cilantro rice, beans and guacamole rolled in floured burrito, Shrimp Rebosado Croquette – an appetizing display of deep-fried shrimps coated in shrimp bisque croquette with Thai-style mango cilantro sauce, Lechon Kawali – a famous pork belly Filipino dish, oven-steamed to achieve the crunchiness of its delicious skin  and maintain the moisture of its meat and fat, and Visayan’s own Kansi – softened beef bone marrow stewed in sour-flavored batwan, lemon grass, and lots of ginger.

As for dessert lovers, a must-try is the Bibingka Soufflé.  This lusciously crafted rice dessert is one of Chef Jun’s pride and joy.  A fascinating mix of traditional salted egg, coconut milk, and ground rice Bibingka ingredients, blown up with meringue and feta cheese, and paired with a cup of coconut mint sorbet and creamy egg sauce.  It is truly a kind of its own that can only be enjoyed at Jony’s fine dining restaurant, called Kulo.

And in celebration of Boracay’s stunning sunset, have a liberating serving of mojitos and margaritas on Jony’s beach front patio where you can embrace Mother Nature’s blazing glory.

Of course, topping off the list of refreshing beverages are Jony’s fresh fruit shakes – the first ever shaker on the island.

Enjoy all of these and more as you lounge on the fine white sands at Jony’s beach front.